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Air North Airlines

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Introduction to Air north airlines

Air north is indeed a Canadian airline that began operations in 1977. It runs scheduled, passenger and freight flights across Yukon and North America. It serves the entire Yukon as well as Alaska, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Alberta. Its Alaska-to-Canada charter service is available. It also offers ground services at Edmonton International Airport and Vancouver International Airport, as well as fuel and handling operations to other airlines in Yukon. Erik Nielson Whitehorse International Airport is Air North's main hub.

Baggage Policy of Air North Airlines

If a passenger travels to a destination such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Yellowknife, Victoria, or Ottawa and then travels to another destination in Canada the same day, their luggage will be transported by the airlines via Air Canada, as according to an agreement between Air North and Air Canada.

Baggage for Carry-On:

Carry-on luggage ought to be the recommended dimensions and must be placed beneath the seat or in the overhead compartment. Travelers flying to all destinations are allowed to bring a limit of 10kg of luggage. The baggage size for Air North flights to northern destinations such as Mayo, Dawson City, Inuvik, and Old Crow varies. One carry-on bag with dimensions of no more than 38 X 22 X 28 cm is allowed. Passengers who have purchased tickets on flights to Southern destinations such as Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Victoria, and Kelowna are limited to two pieces of luggage with dimensions of 54 x 22 x 38 cm.

Baggage to be checked:

For all flights flying to locations along the southern route, the checked baggage weight limit is 45kg. A single piece of Air North luggage cannot weigh more than 32 kg. Extra luggage will incur a fee. There is a limit of two pieces per person.

Flyers on northern routes are allowed to carry two bags with a total weight of no more than 20kg. The price for additional luggage is based on weight rather than piece count. A maximum of four bags, including excess luggage, can be carried on either route. Excess baggage must be delivered to freight.

Check-in at the airport

For airports such as Calgary International Airport, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport, Edmonton International Airport, Victoria International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and Yellowknife Airport, check-in is required at least 90 minutes prior to departure.

Those checking in at Dawson City Airport, Mayo Airport, Inuvik Airport, and Old Crow Airport, on the other hand, must arrive at least 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Check-in over the internet

For all travelers, web check-in is the quickest way to get in. Passengers must check-in minimum 24 hours to 1 hour prior to departure. To check in online, you'll need your booking confirmation number.

In-Flight Services

With Air North's superb hospitality and services, you'll feel at ease even before you arrive.

The Economy Class features 32-inch pitched seats which are intended for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Guests are greeted with a light, freshly made snack and non-alcoholic beverages are provided for free. Onboard, daily newspapers are offered.


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