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Buying your Flair Airlines tickets is convenient at TourCruisers, and you also have the option of bundling your Flair Airlines flights with hotel and vehicle rental to save money on your journey. Furthermore, with our flexible reservation options and simple cancellation policy, anyone can book with complete confidence. TourCruisers is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

Introduction to Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines is a Canadian independent ultra-low-cost carrier. Flair, based in Edmonton, Alberta, makes flying affordable throughout Canada by offering low fares to places such as Calgary, Edmonton, Charlottetown, Halifax, Ottawa, Regina, Prince George, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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Planning a vacation to a destination, book your Flair flight tickets with Tourcruiser. We will guide you through the booking process at a reasonable and discounted fare price.

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Our travel agents at provides other services on Flair Flight bookings like extra-large, luxurious seats, glasses of champagne, unlimited perks, a fanatical crewman on board the flights, and exclusive treatment at the airport.

Flair has evolved from a profitable charter company to the country's first independently owned and run low-cost scheduled airline. Flair Airline's objective is to provide economical air travel to Canadians. Flair's low rates make air travel simple and affordable by delivering unbundled products and services.

During COVID-19, reserve your Flair Airlines flight with confidence

On board, stay safe

Flair Airlines is apparently taking extra precautions to keep passengers safe when flying, from obligatory masks to increased breathing space.

Check with Flair Airlines to see if they offer flexible flight tickets

Some airlines have implemented flexible booking policies to ensure that you are not disadvantaged if your flight is rescheduled or cancelled. If you require a refund as a result of COVID-19, it may be easier to obtain one

Baggage to be transported in a carry-on

Travelers on Flair Airlines are allowed one free private bag weight within 7 kilogrammes and measuring no more than 6in x 13in x 17in in size. This item must fit beneath the seat in front of your seat.

For an extra cost, larger carry-on luggage for the overhead locker can be bought on the site or at the airport. This carry-on bag, if bought, can weigh up to 10kg and dimension up to 22 x 40 x 55cm.

Baggage that has been checked

Currently, no complimentary checked luggage is included in the airline's rates. Checked luggage, on the other hand, can be bought online while booking or for a greater price at the airport. Irrespective of the amount of bags, each item of luggage must not weigh over 23kg and stay within the overall linear dimensions (L+W+H) of 62".

Check-in over the internet

Flair Airlines customers can check in for their scheduled flights online. This method will save customers time & expense at the airport by allowing them to obtain their boarding permit by printing at home and proceed directly to baggage claim or security. Travelers can complete the web check-in procedure and print their boarding card by going to the Flair website and entering their flight information.

In-flight amenities

Flair airline doesn't really provide in-flight amusement on its flights since it emphasizes maintaining flight costs low under its no-frills approach.

Snacks and sweets are available for purchase on board the flight. Pastries, hummus, chips, soup, and chocolate are among the items provided.

Passengers can purchase a variety of refreshments, including hot beverages like tea, coffee, and hot chocolates, soft drinks like iced tea, energy drinks, and sodas, as well as alcoholic beverages like spirits or cocktails.


We offer some excellent bargains at TourCruisers, so you have an outstanding inventory of Flair Airlines tickets to pick from, all in one easy-to-search area, if you're flying for an overnight work trip or a 2-week family vacation. You'll have a contact-free voyage thanks to touch-free check-in and boarding cards delivered directly to your phone, as well as a warm welcome from the Flair Airlines team onboard.

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