The privacy policy here shows how Tourcruiser collects, uses and share personal information. Here, you would get familiar with your rights, choices etc. and thus you would feel confident to travel with us. We make your journey a memorable one and it’s time to start travelling free from any worries.

Now, you can easily get in touch with us to know what type of information we collect and how we make use of them. Also, you can learn about our cookie policy and it gives you the confidence knowing that you are in safe hands. Next, you can find an authorized agent and thus you would get rid of all the worries knowing that you can plan your journey in the right way.

Types of Data We Collect and their Usage

Here is a brief view of the types of data we collect:

  • Once you start creating your account we collect your name, contact details etc. and we ensure that your private information would be safe with us. Also, we would track what you are doing after you log in to our site. We use these data to get an idea of what you are doing and it helps us to provide good safety to our users.
  • We come up with our Cookie policy and you must accept it to enter our site. Cookies are data, which a website send to collect data from users. We request users to accept our cookie policy that helps you to use the website’s features efficiently.
  • Sometimes, we can ask for some additional information such as age, location, gender etc. The information is used to learn who are showing interest to the services we provide. It helps us to make changes to our products and thus we can easily reach our target audience. In this way, we generate new leads enhancing business opportunities.
  • Once you open a mail, we have sent we may use certain tools to collect data when you click any link or banner. It helps us to understand how we can communicate with you and thus we can help you to learn about our new products and services. Once you start communicating with our representative you can learn how it helps you to know more about our services.
  • When you contact our support, we may ask for your name, email id or other contact details. We use the details to give you an immediate response and you would feel confident. Also, we use the contact details to get feedback from our clients and thus we can make notable improvements of our services.
  • Once you purchase any service from us, we may ask some details for billing process. We collect information such as name, contact details, shipping address, phone number, credit or debit card details etc. It helps you to complete the purchase successfully and you can place an order. We ensure that we would deliver top services and you can get the best experience. We give you assurance that you can make a safe purchase.
  • We collect some other information like the browser you are using, operating system etc. and it helps us to learn how to optimize our website with modern technical aspects. We use this information to monitor how users are using different networks and it’s a good way to get more users visiting our site.

Apart from these, we may even use third party sources to collect information of our site’s visitors. You must agree to our cookie policy to visit our site freely and thus you can now get rid of all the worries. Our site is safe to use and you won’t face any issues.

How we share information?

No worries! We never allow unauthorized access to our visitor’s information. We sometimes share the information with our affiliates, business partners etc. and we never use any data for any personal usage. So, you can stay confident knowing that you can use our services free from any worries. We value your privacy and you can now use our site to get familiar with the details of the services we provide. We do not sell any information of our visitors and you can thus provide information with complete peace of mind.

You would have full right to control or change any personal information. You can disagree to any policy if you want. And you can even get the option to delete any information and thus you can control your privacy as you want. So, you can avoid any disputes in the future and you can keep using our services.

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