This page includes the required information you must be aware of before booking here. Please don’t make any booking unless you read, understand, and agree to the "Terms and Conditions" of this website. You are strongly recommended to go through the entire page carefully and don’t miss out on any information that you need to know. The Terms and Conditions maintain a healthy relationship between you and Tourcruiser. By booking in our tour and related services, you agree or accept this Terms & Conditions of Tourcruiser and hence, you will be solely responsible for the decision.

However, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions given here, then you can always choose to stop using the website. So, if you see disagree with the warranty disclaimer and liability exclusions or feel some term missing which you consider is important, then you can always choose to leave the website.

No changes will be made in the terms and conditions that have been made by our authorized representative unless a writing statement by an authorized officer of Tourcruiser is issued. Hence it is advisable to read this Terms & Condition page well and only then accept or book here, obviously if you accept the same.


By accepting the terms and conditions you agree that it's your personal decision to travel and that the decision has been taken by you with complete knowledge of the current travel restrictions and recommendations with regard to the risk of corona or covid 19. And, you have taken full responsibility to inform in relation to that.

Tourcruiser does not take any responsibility for, and will not be liable for any kind of health hazard or unsafe conditions which includes pandemic or other illnesses. to which you may be exposed. Tourcruiser will however try to provide the newest travel information available to our team, in respect of regulations, supplier terms, conditions related to covid during your booking period. This information provided by us is acquired from third-party sources can the same can be changed at any time without any notice.

Regulations on website usage

You can use this website only for lawful purposes. Usage of the website for any kind of unlawful activity will not be entertained. You also need to agree not to interfere with the disrupted or damaged part of our website and the network on which our website is stored. You will be responsible for making the required arrangements to have access to our website.

You also need to ensure that everyone who gets to access our website through your internet connection has a clear knowledge about the terms of usage and other applicable terms and conditions the website holds and they obey the same.

If our team determines that these terms have been violated, then we might take action and shall consider immediate permanent or temporary cancellation of your right to use this website. We would also deem legal actions against you or disclose this information to the law enforcement authorities as we feel it necessary. So, it is highly recommended to go through our " Terms and Condition " policy. 


All the prices in Tourcruiser are determined to the availability and could be withdrawn without any notice. We, Tourcruiser hold the right to revise the price of the tours that are unsold at any time and rectify the wrong given prices of the tours that are confirmed.

We also keep the right to increase the price of confirmed tours with the change in a consequence like the price of the carriage of the passenger will get increased with the increment of cost of fuel and other power sources. Payment of the tours has to be made after confirmation of availability from our side. To confirm your booking payment has to be done in advance.

Assumption of Risk

You should understand and accept that that the tour you have planned may take you to intrinsic dangers. hence you acknowledge that any changes in the planned schedule activity might be made as required by weather, road closures, road transport, illness group size, or other severe factors.

You also acknowledge that the nature of personal risk and degree is depending on the services booked and the location in which the service is being operated. There may be a notable degree of personal risk, participating in adventure activities or particular physical activities, traveling to a remote location, carriage by watercraft, participating in extreme sports, countries with developing infrastructure, or other high-risk activities.

Standards of hygiene in some countries, their transport, and accommodation where tours are being decided are comparatively lower than the standard of your expectation. You need to agree that we are not responsible for providing the guidance and information concerning extreme physical challenges, safety concerns weather conditions, and laws in effect in locations where service is operated.

You acknowledge that you consider the potential dangers, risks challenges, and your capabilities and necessities and you assume that travels under those conditions are associated with risk. With your acceptance, you state that you are ready to accept the decisions that will be made by our tour leader.

You also accept the fact that Tourcruiser, the service provider cannot be held responsible for the uncertain inconvenience and uncertain expenses incurred. You also need to acknowledge that the pleasure and enjoyment of your holiday are obtained in a portion from travel beyond the risks of a life at home or at work and you assume and accept the risks beyond.

Deposit and payment

We would require a certain amount of deposit at the time of booking. You can also make full payment of your booking at the time of booking. The rest of the balance must be cleared within the given due date. that will be notified to you. If we don't receive the full payment from your side, our supplier will get notified, who can cancel your booking and charge you the cancellation fees that have been set in this terms and conditions page. You can pay in any mode of your choice as we accept both cards and cash. You will not be charged for making payment via debit card.

However, usage of the credit card may be subject to a certain amount of handling fee. In case you fail to make the outstanding balance within the given date, we might cancel your booking at a loss of deposit.

The prices included in the websites, and brochures have been mentioned for one person. with VAT included. If we provide any additional service to you, an invoice will be issued on that service and before the end of the complete service, you will be under the obligation to make full payment of the additional service.

Booking Procedures

All the bookings will be made with Tourcruiser. Bookings can be done with various modes including telephonic, online, writing mail, and of course in person. After the booking is done, we would consider that you have booked by accepting the booking conditions and accept your booking on this ground.

The service that would be provided by us will be mentioned in your booking invoice. The customer also needs to check the receipt of the invoice to check if the provided information is correct and complete. Any inaccuracy should be immediately reported to TOURCRUISER. The cost incurred from failure to report will be borne by the customer.

Cancellation Procedures

A cancellation request must be sent in writing through email. Cancellation charges have to be paid as per the terms of Tourcruiser. Regarding the changes or cancellations made from our end, we would inform you as soon as possible.

When an alternative is offered to you between a refund and alternative accommodation, you are required to inform your choice with the stipulated time frame. If you fail to inform the same, we would assume your acceptance of the change. In the exceptional of non-availability of rooms due to overbooking or any other unpredicted circumstances of the hotel that you have booked, a substitute hotel with the same price will be offered to you. Tourcruiser won't be liable for any kind of relocation for the overbooking policies.

However, if requested we shall present the documents that will be provided by the overbooked hotels. The responsibilities of TOURCRUISER are restricted to booking with your instructions. Responsibility for any information that is passed on by us to you in good faith would not be accepted by us. However, if in any circumstances we are found liable to you, our maximum liability towards you would be the entire cost of your booking. We do not exclude any liability of personal injury or death that occurs due to our negligence. 

The booking information provided by you will be passed only to the concerned suppliers or other people who are provisioned for your accommodation. If you are going for an international trip, the information shall also be provided to the immigration and custom security if the same is required by them or by law.This applies even to the sensitive information that is provided by you to our end, like a religious or dietary requirement, or any kind of disability. The information can also be passed on to credit checking companies. So, while booking you show consent for this information being passed on.

Proof of identity

Every tourist must present their photo identification like driving license or passport and covid vaccinated card to the travel agency. It is important that you enter the details of every traveller accurately and according to identification documents. Some suppliers might deny their carriage if your name differs from the booking and may also cancel if the traveller’s name is altered.

Passport and Visa

Passport is mandatory for international trips. It is entirely your duty that your visa and passport are current, valid and are acquired on time. Your passport should have at least 6 months validity after returning to your home country. 

If you are travelling to international destinations along with passport visa is a mandatory document you need to present in airport. Passengers travelling on a foreign passport needs to requires Indian re-entry visa.

Air Tickets

The air tickets are linked to "Air T&C" which are complicated and need strict requirements in regards to altering the airport charges. Before you pay for the ticket you are requested to enquire about every application condition.

You are also advised to take a note if your flight consist of two tickets, you are not permitted to use them out of the sequence to skip anyone, as this can void the balance of the trip. Please note that the Air contracts like Air T&C compose a sole contract between the client and the airline.

If the client has any right will be against the airline and airline contract. Right of recourse is prescribed by CPA as a consequence of overbooking. Clients also must be aware of the loyalty programs which are governed by strict rules. Confinement of boarding passes and documentations concerned with such programs are the entire responsibility of the client.


It is advisable that the clients take out sufficient insurance cover, like injury or accident, cancellation due to illness, personal liability or accident, loss or damage to baggage, and some other reason. Tourcruiser will not be liable to the client if the person fails to the insurance that is needed.

After the confirmation payment of the insurance, the insurer will issue a document to the client. Since it is a complex document, the client must read the document before initiating the travel so that any queries can be addressed to the insurer before deporting.

Note that numerous credit cards offer restricted levels of travel insurance, which many travel agencies including Tourcruiser do not consider adequate coverage for foreign travels. So, kindly check the particular companies to obtain complete details of the coverage.

Your responsibility

You should make sure that your documents for travel like passport, visa(if required), vaccination certificate, and other required documents are in order. You should also make sure that you have taken GP's advice in regards to vaccination.

We require the same in the pre-departure information sheet. Tourcruiser will offer you general advice but you cannot make us responsible for not following the current requirements before departure. Tourcruiser would not accept any liability for any given advice in general nature prior to the trip.

You are solely responsible for punctually checking in for flights and being present to take up all the pre-booked components of your tour. No refund will be provided to you if you don't take up your component for the holiday or if you lose any of your travel documents.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure means in regards to the company, any situation beyond the company's control which includes acts of God, tempests, fires, accidents, floods, war of sabotage, war of threat, civil disturbance, sickness quarantine, weather, government intervention, or any other outward occurrence. If Tourcruiser is affected by Force Majeure you will get notified immediately of the nature and its extent of the same.

The company shall not consider a violation of these conditions and items or otherwise be liable to you for the company reason to delay in performance. If Tourcruiser is affected by Force Majeure, at its individual and absolute discretion, cancel any reservation or arrangement in regards to visit. Payment or refund by the company to you for its non-performance shall attempt to reimburse whenever possible. However, Tourcruiser will be entitled to deduct a certain amount from any refund amendable to the actual and potential cost to the company due to force majeure.

Privacy Policy, use of your personal information

To make your facilities easy, Tourcruiser can collect and process your personal information which includes, your name, address, physical information, email address, any personal identifier, or other contact details. Tourcruiser commits to protect your personal information and it has safeguards in place for the protection of your personal information.

As a user of the facility that includes usage of the booking engine, you agree and give consent that you have the knowledge and our company can proceed to process your personal information and share the information to the suppliers who require them, their representatives, or any other third party to making facilities available for you according to applicable laws.

You also give consent to our company sharing your personal information which can be further processed by the supplier's subcontractors or other agents performing services in regards to the facility. Our website might utilize web beacons, cookies, and other technologies for the purpose of data analysis and personalization of the website and offer facilities so that our company can sever you better. with customized information when you come back to our website.

Cookies on the websites are used to amplify your overall tour of our website. You also have the option to notify when you a cookie has been sent to you to make you decide whether you want to accept the same or decline. If you accept the cookies, you give consent to our website, to use your information collected by the agent through the cookies.

Your email address would also be added to our database so that regular newsletters and special offers can be sent to you. you can also unsubscribe by the procedure set on the newsletter. Our agents would use their efforts to keep correct records of your personal information provided by you to us.

We shall also allow you to access your personal information in specific circumstances. Upon request, our agent may remove your personal information from the records after the verification of your information. For access request, correction, or cancellation an email to the Agents information officer needs to be sent.

Limitations and Liability

The use of the website facility is completely at your own risk and that you assume complete responsibility for any kind of damage or loss which may result by using our website or relying on any kind of information on the website. All the information regarding travel, pricing, and listing on the facility is subject to modification at any time without any prior notice.

Such information is published by the agent in good faith. By acknowledging you accept that the agent, as a mediator cannot check the correctness of all the information given by the suppliers. Hence suppliers are requested to update their information with accuracy as needed. The agents are not responsible for any kinds of errors, misleading information, omissions, in any travel listing.

Tourists should make their assessment of the accuracy of any information, advice, or opinion that are obtainable through the Facility. Tourists will be individually responsible for the suitability of travel services, which are purchased by the tourist. The gent is not liable for any expense, loss damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of the unsuitability of the services provided by travel agents as the result of association with other travel services.

The agent is also not liable for any failure in services due to conditions beyond the control of the agent and not determinable to the agent, any employee's negligence. The agent also doesn't accept any responsibility for any kind of delay or failure on the part of the supplier or any other third party in providing services. to the tourists where their booking is processed.

The agent is not liable for any other omission or act of suppliers and third parties in course of delivery of travel services and products. Our agents will help you by providing reasonable assistance to you where the refunds are due to you from the suppliers. However, you need to understand that the process takes time as it is lengthy. Our agents will not be liable for any kind of direct and indirect incidental or consequential damages. You accept that because of the nature of services and Facility, the Facility might not meet your personalized requirements or be completely uninterrupted, secure, punctual, or error-free.

To the maximum extent that is permitted by applicable law, the agent would grant no warranty. Under the terms and conditions, the liability of the agent will be limited to provide the service again. The agent can also modify or change any part of terms and conditions with notice to the tourist.


Tourcruiser reserves the right to impose fees for definite listings and transaction fees that are based on specific transactions using Tourcruiser travel services. Tourcruiser also reserves the right to change the fee structure at regular intervals without notice. The tourist will be liable to pay every charge, duties, taxes, fee for availing TOURCRUISER services.

Users' access to the website will be considered only if he/she is of legal age to enter into a contract or is restricted from using a website. To avail of any service, the users have to maintain their individual cost like the required equipment like laptop and a network connection to avail services by accessing the website.

Users will also be responsible for using the services and that the access may also include third-party fees which include internet services, airtime charges which will be exclusively borne by the tourist. Tourists also need to understand that the services provided by our site may include certain communications from our website administration message or service announcements. Registration on the website is optional for the users.

After registering the website will provide them with If the user registers himself, he will receive an ID and password. It’s the responsibility of the user to keep their ID password confidential and restrict within themselves. The user also commits not to use any other user ID and password for any purpose without any authorization of that party.

Tourist or User is responsible for the security of their own password and the transactions made using their password to avail of our services. Tourcruiser shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, financial loss, and mental agony from loss or misuse of ID password, number account details.

The user also needs to inform our authority about the unauthorized use of their password or ID. The user is also liable to provide accurate information about themselves. If the user provides any fake information, we have the right to suspect such information and cancel their registration.

Suppliers bankruptcies

If any supplier or an airline declares bankruptcy, you should have the knowledge that they are not liable to honour

 your reservations before going bankrupt. Travel agents are also not permitted to refund airline tickets that have declared that they are bankrupt. Money that the travel agents give them for the tickets of their tourists immediately turns into the property of airlines and travel agents are required to comply with the orders made by airlines orders. If any airline declares itself bankrupt it can either continue service or limit the service. They might also stop the service. Some other airlines might accept passengers or they can also refuse them. However, there are some fine travel plans that passengers can go for to protect themselves from bankruptcy.

Suppliers Terms and conditions

The “Terms and Conditions” imposed b suppliers and airlines are different in regards to sell of travel products or services featured on our website. This is the reason we recommend reading the terms carefully before acknowledging the services you are booking before finalizing transactions. The product and services each supplier sold are sold to the supplier's terms. You accept the terms by continuing the use of the service. The terms of the suppliers are as follows

  • Airfares and prices of other travel product that is displayed on the website might not include the airport charges or taxes. they are subject to the availability of products.
  • Hotel/Car/flight availability and class of travel can change at any point in time.
  • Special conditions such as routing restrictions may apply.
  • Taxes and additional costs will be advised to the tourist when the booking is confirmed.
  • Suppliers can change their price any anytime without notice.

The prices present in the invoice don't include the price which is not explained with descriptions, for instance, airport charges, transfers, meals, phone calls laundry, beverages. Moreover, booking does not include the cost that is incurred for a passport or visa.

Use of Communication Services

The website might contain services like chat, email information relating to tourist spots. newsgroup, forums, communities, calendars, personal web pages, and another message that can collectively be called communication service. The user needs to agree and undertake to use the services only to send, post, receive the message and proper material that is related to the communications service. Not as the limitation the users agree that when they are using communication service, the user won't do the following activities

Abuse, defame, harass, threaten, stalk or violate the legal right of others

Post, upload, publish or distribute any profane, inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, or unlawful topic or information

Upload files containing software that is secured by the intellectual property until the user owns the property

Any information or service applied, offered

In a confusing or deceptive manner

Access the website at the individual risk of the user. Tourcruiser cannot warrant that if a user is using the website the same will not cause any harm to the user.

Download any file posted by any other user delete or falsify any author attributions, or any other notices.

Violate any guidance and code of contractor other guidelines that might apply to any particular communication service.

Violate any kind of law and regulations that violate any of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Tourcruiser has no obligation to monitor to scan the communication services. However, Tourcruiser reserves the right to comply with any law, legal process, or government request to remove the post and the information. Tourcruiser solely does not endorse or control messages, controls, and hence it is not liable for any communication service and the results from the user's participation in communication service.

Proprietary Rights

Tourcruiser might provide propriety right to the contents like photographs, videos, graphics, sound, and other material that are consisted in sponsor advertisements. This material can be protected by trademarks, copyrights, and other property rights and laws. The user can use this material only as authorized by Tourcruiser and shall not transmit, copy or create any derivative works of the materials without any express authorization from Tourcruiser The user must acknowledge and agree that they will not upload, reproduce, post, or distribute any product or content through the website that has been protected by any proprietary right of this part or copyright without taking the permission of the right. If any copyrighted content or other proprietary content is distributed through the website with the consent of the owner, must have copyright. The unauthorized distribution of copyright contents is illegal and can lead the user to personal liability and criminal prosecution.


All the graphics, logos, and trademarks used in the Tourcruiser Company are registered. Other trademarks used with reference of this website are for the special benefit of the owner. Even if not stated otherwise, they are considered as the property of the respective owners. The Tourcruiser Company does not grant any permission to use the company's trademarks or logos. The Tourcruiser Company would not tolerate any copyright violation of their registered trademark. Likewise, even the Tourcruiser company would be eligible t use any of your service marks or trademarks authorized by you.

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